Elegancki Damski Zegarek Repliki Cartier Tank W51008Q

Cartier W51008Q Tank is one of the most classic series of Cartier watches. When others are afraid of war, but Cartier draws inspiration from the war and uses the shape of the Tank skillfully in the lines and contours of the watch. Cartier Tank series has many different watch series, British Tank, French Tank, American Tank. There are subtle differences between them. The clock introduced below is the French Cartier Tank W51007Q4.

Cartier Tank Française watch is more like a bracelet watch, very suitable for women to wear, the designer boldly placed the curved case in the center of the tracking bracelet, but did not affect the smoothness and continuity of the overall line. The design of this replica Cartier Tank watch is very noble and elegant, with a size of 25.35 * 20.3 mm and a thickness of 5.94 mm to synchronize the original data. The octagonal crown is set with a convex synthetic spinel. The watch as a whole is very small and fits the lady’s delicate and delicate wrist.

All materials of this replica Cartier Tank bracelet watches are imported from Europe. The Swiss 732 movement is adopted. Because the size of the movement matches the original version, the apparent size is also consistent with the genuine one. The color of the blue steel pointer has been revised and upgraded many times to be consistent with the authentic product. The beauty of this replica watch is the disassembly of the detachable strap.

The thickness of the logo on the dial of this Cartier replica watch is the same as that of the genuine product, the scale is matte, and the proportion of the case is interchangeable with the genuine product. The case of this Cartier W51007Q4 replica watch is made of 316L stainless steel, which is very delicately brushed. The overall texture and size ratio are based on the original product 1: 1.

In all respects, the workmanship of this replica Cartier Tank W51008Q bracelet watch has been perfected. If you want to choose a luxury replica watch for your lover and girlfriend, this Cartier replica watch is excellent. Choose. Christmas is coming soon. The high-quality replica watches sold on our website will undergo strict testing to ensure quality.